Biomutant's length detailed

It will really depend on how you play

Biomutant's length detailed

Experiment 101's studio head Stefan Ljungqvist has shared some details on how long players can expect to spend exploring the world of Biomutant.

According to Ljungqvist, a rushed play through - ignoring all side quests, exploration etc, will take around 12-15 hours. On the other side of the coin, players could expect more than 65 hours of content.

Here's what he said: "Our estimation for a 'rushed' run-through of Biomutant is at about 12-15 hours. This means: focus on the main story, skip most dialogues, don’t go wandering off for exploration and ignore side quests. On the other hand, one of our team-members is just giving Biomutant a go the way he usually plays games. He isn’t done yet and has about 65 hours of playtime. So it really depends on what type of player you are."

It has recently also come out that Biomuant will feature two distinct endings, which are determined by the players actions throughout the game.

Biomuant releases on May 25th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Will you be picking it up day one?