Biomutant Review Roundup

A divisive set of opinions

Biomutant Review Roundup

With the release finally upon us, the embargo for Biomutant has dropped and reviews are out in the wild. In an industry that doesn't exactly have a landslide of brand-new IPs available, expectations for Biomutant were high - and it seems some outlets felt disappointed in the titles approach. The game is currently sitting at 68 on Metacritic (PC), and 67 on OpenCritic.

A common theme of discontent amongst unsatisfied reviewers is the open world feeling bland and repetitive. Combat encounters are stretched too thin and often only found at 'outposts', which has made some experiences of world traversal static.

On the other side, the positive reviews point towards the game's graphics, crafting systems and RPG features as worthy enough for high praise.

We suggest heading over to Metacritic or OpenCritic to read more.