Biomutant overview trailer

Experiment 101 breakdowns the game

THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 have shared a huge amount of Biomutant news in the lead up to its May 25th launch - and this latest trailer goes into detail on just about everything.

Creative director Stefan Ljungqvist discusses the feedback the studio has received, noting that the games structure could be compared to Breath of the Wild, Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry and Batman Arkham. Ljungqvist also confirms the size of the title's open world, which comes in at a respectable 8x8 kilometres. The crafting, weapon and character customisation systems are also discussed in-depth.

Further on in the video, Ljungqvist shares details (for the first time) about the player choice that is present all throughout the title. Players will be asked to form allegiances with one of the six tribes, and how allying with 'light' or 'dark' tribes will affect the game's narrative.

We highly suggest watching the video in full if you're at all interested in Biomutant!