Biomutant New Trailer

Shaping up to be a classic

Sweden developer Experiment 101 has released a new trailer showcasing their soon-to-be released open world title Biomutant.

The trailer presents stunning views of the many locales and biomes that await players, covering vast forests, desolate wastelands and chilly snow capped mountains.

We also get a glimpse at some possible transportation methods which look to include bats, horses, gyrocopters and mechs. Experiment 101 has stated they plan to build a compact but dense world, so it will be interesting to see how reliant these mounts will be for traversal.

Biomutant is pinned as an action role-playing game where players will craft their own path through the game. Some innovative features include how the shape and look of your character will change depending on their stats - meaning if you go for an intellect build your character will have a larger head. The game also looks to employ a "kung-fu" combat system.

Biomutant is out May 25th on PlayStation, Xbox and PC