Biomutant Gameplay Trailer

Eleven minutes of exciting new footage

Game Informer have had the privilege to share a ton of new Biomutant gameplay today, going into detail about the story, world, crafting, combat and more.

The video breaks down how the world of Biomutant is separated into 7 unique biomes, some requiring special gear to survive in. They mention the different NPC tribes players will interact with, and how the morality system will play into not only relationships with people but also combat. There also is mention of the many transportation options throughout the game, ranging from animals to mechs.

Thankfully the video is mostly spoiler-free, so we can recommend this one to most people wanting to learn more about the mysterious new IP from Experiment 101.

In additional to the gameplay trailer, Game Informer have also shared an in-depth look into the character creator. It's been known for sometime that changing key stats such as intellect and strength will have a noticeable effect on the appearance of the character. There seems to be a ton of variety in fur colour and patterns, as well as facial structures and markings.

Biomutant releases on May 25th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.