Battlefield Announcements

Update on next mainline entry as well as new mobile game

New Battlefield mobile game and update on next gen entry.

DICE General Manager, Oskar Gabrielson has shared the latest news on the Battlefield franchise, updating fans on the next mainline entry in the series as well as announcing a new mobile game.

Together with other development studios within the Electronic Arts conglomerate, the biggest team ever assembled is working on the upcoming Battlefield game for console and PC. DICE will work alongside the following studios: DICE Los Angeles, Criterion, and Electronic Arts Gothenburg. With their combined efforts, they want the new Battlefield to reach heights never seen before both from a gameplay and technological perspective. A 2021 release is scheduled for the game, in which the developers are currently in heavy playtesting mode.

After many years of prototyping, a new Battlefield game will be created for smartphones and tablets for 2022. This game will be standalone and unrelated to the mainline entry developed for console and PC, Industrial Toys (under DICE supervision) has built the game from ground up and is now entering testing phase.

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