Apsulov: End of Gods Console Announcement Trailer

Viking inspired horror

Swedish horror game developers Angry Demon Studio have announcement their latest release, Apsulov: End of Gods will be coming to PlayStation, Switch and Xbox sometime this year.

Originally launching on PC in 2019, Apsulov is touted as an 'viking horror' in which after awaking in a tomb, players will "unveil the secrets of the mythology, the artifacts, and the realms of Yggdrasil".

The PC version was well-received, gaining an 87% positive rating on Steam.

We do fancy many of the environments and creatures shown in the trailer, especially the soul spider erupting out of a dead body, and whatever the hell that was at the end! Apsulov is set in the first-person perspective, which seems to be best suited for horror titles.

Now, can we get a Midsommar video game? We're joking of course - this wouldn't be feasible!

Will you be keeping an eye on this one? Share your thoughts below.

[SOURCE youtube.com]