Apex Legends Legacy Gameplay Trailer

Arenas mode revealed!

As we reported four days ago, the reveal of Apex Legends: Legacy’s new game mode turns out to be the rumoured Arenas mode after all. Arenas is a new competition, that consists of opposing teams of three battling against each other on a map.

All up there are a total of six players, and the round-based matches take place on five maps: Party Crasher, Phaserunner, Artillery, Golden Gardens and Harvester.

Players must purchase weapons, heals and equipment to before each round. The winners keep the items, while the losers must re-purchase new items. There is a win by two rule, with rounds being able to last until nine, for a sudden death match if no-one has won by two. Speaking of items, a new weapon makes its debut in the form of the high-precision Bocek Bow. Get ready to target foes from afar.

Launching on May 4 alongside Season 9, the release of legend Valkyrie will also coincide with the update.

Anyone gonna participate in the 3v3 arena teams?

[SOURCE: youtube.com]