Anthem Development Over

BioWare ends future content on troubled game

In what has been a challenging two years for BioWare has now come to an end with the shutdown of development on its online multiplayer game Anthem.

Since its launch in 2019, Anthem had been widely criticised by fans for its repetitive grind that stems from its Games-as-Service design. It presented ideas and concepts with great potential, though players felt its execution was poor. The game did not meet sales expectations for BioWare's publisher EA and was subject to well-documented internal development issues.

Attempts were made by BioWare to improve the experience with continual updates before setting out for a total reinvention of the core game. Roughly a small team of 30 was assigned to the task.

BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey cited difficulties with the COVID pandemic placing stress on the team while working from home as the reason for cancellation.

Dailey announced that servers will continue for the game, while the development team will now work on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect title.