Amazon’s New World storefront explained

Player feedback, items and transparency are the key topics

Studio Dev explains in-game store of New World

Set for an August 31 release, New World is a PC MMORPG developed by Amazon Games. Currently the studio is garnering players’ feedback on the title's in-game store (that requires real money to make purchases).

Here is what Studio Director Rich Lawrence had to say:

"All store items at launch will be exclusively cosmetic in nature," Lawrence said. "We are introducing the storefront in alpha in order to test these items and their value. No selections in the store or their indicated cost (during testing there is no real cost in any case) is final. Our purpose is quality assurance and gathering player feedback, so please share your thoughts once the system is introduced."

Lawrence makes mention for transparency in all future plans for the game by indicating such features, like fast-travel or rested XP could be purchasable in the store. Furthermore, a “battle pass” style program may be introduced to combine store items on a periodic basis as well as optional expansion packs with separate costs

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