Amazon Games’ Montreal Studio Opens

Rainbow Six Siege developers recruited to lead new studio

Amazon Games Studio opens fourth development studio in Montreal.

Amazon Games have unveiled details in a press release on the opening of its new development studio in Montreal, Canada. It will be the fourth studio under the Amazon Games umbrella, alongside Seattle, Orange County and San Diego.

Its founding members comprise of Luc Bouchard (head of production), Xavier Marquis (creative director), Alexandre Remy (head of product), and Romain Rimokh (content director), who comprised the core team behind Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege - which has reached over 70 million players since its launch. It comes as no surprise that Amazon wants the Montreal studio founders to recapture lighting in a bottle for a second time. Their eight years of experience with Siege will now serve as the foundation for a new undisclosed multiplayer IP.

Amazon Games has several titles currently in development, most notably the open world MMO New World and a Lord of the Rings MMO.

Rival tech giant, Google recently found out first-hand how difficult game development can be. Think Amazon’s game studios will suffer the same fate? Let us know your thoughts.