Alan Wake 2 is rumoured to be in development

Remedy and Epic Games form a new publishing partnership

Over a decade on and what feels like an eternity since one of the late 2000's best games released, Alan Wake 2 is rumoured to be in development with IP owners Remedy Entertainment.

It appears the Finnish studio has caught the attention of Epic Games with their recent blockbuster CONTROL - a phenomenal game in its own right - stricking a publishing deal for two new multi-platform games. The publishing deal will give Remedy full creative freedom and IP ownership.

The first project is pinned as Remedy's "most ambitious one yet, an AAA multi-platform game already in pre-production. The second is a new, smaller-scale project set in the same franchise". At this stage its unclear whether Alan Wake 2 or the much expected CONTROL sequel is the former, however Jeff Grubb, known for his industry insights had this to say:

Obviously this isn't a direct confirmation, however the wording in Remedy's press release announcing the partnership, as well as the direct link between Control and Alan Wake universes makes it hard to not get excited for a potential Alan Wake 2.

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