Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer

Battle through four ages and eight civilisations in the fourth instalment

As part of a fan day event, developer Relic Entertainment has unveiled a gameplay trailer for Age of Empires IV, the latest numbered instalment of the real-time strategy franchise in 15 years.

The trailer shows of new mechanics such as siege battles on walls, ambushes in forests as well as showing of new enhanced graphics. What we know is the game will take place across four ages: Medieval, Feudal, Castle, and Imperial.

Eight civilisations will be featured at launch, with the trailer revealing the Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, the English and the Mongols. Relic Entertainment stated they wanted each of the eight civilisations to be entirely unique, and to make game balance easier.

There will be a Norman Campaign that follows the war between Harold Godwinson and William the Conquerer, as players will participate in major battles that took place in England and France during that time period.

Age of Empires IV releases in autumn 2021 for PC via Windows Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Do the new mechanics look appealing to you? What do you think about the graphics?