Aeterna Noctis release date

Stunning 2d action

Spanish studio Aeternum Game Studios have announced the release date of their maiden voyage into game development, Aeterna Noctis - which will release on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and PC on December 15th.

Pinned as a challenging 2d platformer with frenetic combat and diverse puzzles, Aeterna Noctis has quickly caught the attention of many metroidvania fans.

According to the announcement over on the PlayStation Blog, the title features "16 large and visually distinct areas, populated with over 100 different enemies; a roster of fantasy creatures, monsters and warriors that will put reflexes to the test". While they attempt to unravel the world's secrets, players can expect to face up to 20 bosses over a minimum of 20 hours playtime.

You can ever have enough quality 2d platformers in our opinion, and we really love the look of this one! Hopefully Aeternum Game Studios will have more to share in the coming months.