Abandoned Announcement Trailer

New cinematic survival sim set for 2021 release

Blue Box Game Studios have announced a new PS5 exclusive title that is set for a Q4 2021 release - Abandoned.

The developers wanted this game to be a highly realistic experience that contrasts it from other action shooters. It is described as being very tactical as one wrong move can determine whether you survive or not. Other examples they provide is the firing weapons being realistically slow, when your character is out of breath his accuracy suffers, and you must hide to prepare every bullet shot when faced with enemy encounters.

It will take full use of the DualSense wireless controller and 3D audio by integrating their features into gameplay. Running at 60 FPS and 4K resolution, Abandoned will have motion capture graphics.

Jason Longfield is the playable character, who is abandoned in a forest and later realises he kidnapped and brought there for evil purposes. He must survive and escape.

Blue Box Game Studios are coy on further details, but say a gameplay trailer is around the corner.

What do you think of this first person cinematic horror survival sim? Does the trailer capture your attention?

[SOURCE: Youtube.com, playstation.com]