Sony Game Pass?

David Jaffe’s sources at Sony say its true

Sony rumoured to planning a counterpunch to Game Pass.

New rumours have emerged that claim Sony will have an ‘answer’ to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. It stems from sources within Sony who have revealed to David Jaffe (creator of God of War) that the company is planning a ‘counterpunch’

On his YouTube channel he makes states the following in relation:

“What I can tell you is I know they are doing some stuff because I know people at Sony who have told me that they are doing some stuff”. He then says, “There will be a response to Game Pass”.

Currently we have no further details on what exactly will entail. There is speculation that PlayStation Now could factor in, but we simply do not know. Microsoft has enjoyed huge success with Game Pass with 18 million subscribers as of January 2021. With Game Pass now including the Bethesda game catalogue, it would be of no surprise for Sony to take action now, considering the competitive stakes have risen.

What do you make of a Sony version of Game Pass? Do you believe their current exclusive franchise IPs are enough to counter Microsoft?