64 Ways Of Being is a new interactive way to experience Melbourne

Bringing Melbourne's cityscape to life!

64 Ways Of Being is a new interactive way to experience Melbourne

An exciting new app has released that aims to turn the vibrant city of Melbourne into a massive collection of augmented reality encounters - covering the city's vast cultural and urban identity.

64 Way of Being is the brainchild of game developer, artist and RMIT academic Dr Troy Innocent. Dr Innocent has spent the previous two years co-developing the immersive AR game with production group one step at a time like this, game development studio Millipede as well as over 20 Victorian performers, coders, researchers, musicians and traditional owners.

The game highlights iconic locations across a three-kilometre trail throughout Melbourne's laneways, streets, parks and rivers. Throughout their journey players are presented with historical tales about the city, interactive games, puzzles and theatrical performances.

Dr Innocent provides the following outlook on the game: "64 Ways of Being brings together public art, live art and game design to create a platform for experiences that reimagine Melbourne’s identity through its cultural, social and urban diversity. I want people to experience Melbourne as a playable city that they can discover using augmented reality, to connect its locations with their own lived experience, but also to explore the possibilities for multiple ways of being"

Speaking to Melbourne International Games Week, Dr Innocent said: "64 Ways of Being has been an amazing opportunity to collaborate with other creative practitioners. We’re really excited to see how Melburnians and visitors embrace it. People often think of digital games as something played on the couch. We wanted to show they can be much more than that and imaginative, urban play can transform your connection to place."’

Plans to continue expanding the game are in motion, with St Kilda, Footscray, Fitzroy and Collingwood coined as potential future locations.

64 Ways of Being is free and available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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